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Bang & Olufsen


Bang & Olufsen was founded in the small town of Struer, Denmark, back in 1925. Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen were two young Danish engineers characterized by very different personalities, raised in middle-class families at the birth of the modern times, when the roaring ‘20s began. Despite the undeniable dissimilarities, both shared the same desire to experiment and the same entrepreneurial spirit which marked their whole life and career.


Bang & Olufsen manufactures a highly distinctive and exclusive range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers and multimedia products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal.

The existence of Bang & Olufsen is and has always been based on the initiatives of incredibly innovative people. People with persistence. People with high ambitions. People who believe that creating is living.

Today, Bang & Olufsen a/s is world renowned for its distinctive range of audio vision systems; products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal in a sensational design language.

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