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Collaboration Squared


Founded in 2008 by conferencing industry veterans Collaboration Squared is a global Business to Business (B2B) Video, Web and Voice Conferencing & Collaboration Service Provider who has developed a unique Service Platform that brings together the Cisco Meeting Server (Acano) infrastructure with Cisco’s Spark cloud, offering the highest quality, most scalable Virtual Meeting Room (VMR), soft client and endpoint registration service for large, medium and small enterprises and organizations.


The core business of Collaboration Squared is Ubiety, a cloud-based interoperable Video as a Service offering leveraging the Cisco Meeting Server (Acano) technology, with globally distributed multiple data centers, inbound/outbound global telephony, user based service, endpoint registration service, room based PC/Mac software powered video conferencing codec, management portal with integrated billing, reporting and provisioning features and APIs.


Cisco has recently awarded CSQ with Advanced Video Specialization Certification, allowing it to sell hosted Cisco Meeting Server (Ubiety as is), Cisco Spark and WebEx services, along with Spark endpoints.

CSQ is recognized by Cisco as the #1 Telepresence as a Service Cisco Meeting Server (Acano) Cloud Service

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