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ESCO was tasked to integrate surgical imaging solution with the entire Audio Visual system for the Ambulatory Endoscopy Centre at Singapore General Hospital. Our solution has to ensure that video streaming and communication are able to be incorporated into the comprehensive Audio Visual solution and all of which are able to be controlled via a single customized touch panel by users.

This project is one of ESCO's biggest challenge and has come to be a badge of pride for our team.

This project involves 7 small isolation rooms (Endoscopy Suites), a Conference Room as well as 3 fully integrated operating rooms. All activities in the operation rooms can be recorded and stream, and the multi-way video and audio communication incorporated into all mentioned rooms allows doctors to communicate whenever wherever. There was also integration with APAN (Asia Pacific Advance Network) that links up different hospitals in Asia by making use of a solution that allows for unified communications including endpoint, gateway, web portal, etc.

To ensure that our client gets the best surgical imaging AV solution possible, ESCO partners with NDS who is a global leader in designing and manufacturing medical visualization for today’s minimally invasive and endoscopy procedures. Prior to winning this project, ESCO and NDS met up on several occasions, working on the design and compatibility of the different possible monitors that could be incorporated into the full solution. ESCO, with our expertise in AV system integration and NDS with their medical expertise integrated 3 operating rooms with the conference rooms as well as the ability to have a two way communication to the Academia. The Academia is a separate block in SGH that houses lecture theatres and a large number of conference rooms. The feed was in real time and of HD quality for viewers, regardless of their location.

This project is one of ESCO's biggest challenge and has came to be a badge of pride for our team. Our client’s nature of operation, coupled with the intended usage of the solution – for surgical and operation purposes, demand for a solution that calls for reliability and precision. The integration of traditional AV and VC into an operating room environment by an AV System Integrator is probably the first of its kind in Singapore. These systems were traditionally handled by larger medical infrastructure companies. The biggest gratification for our team has been fulfilling these demands and the integration of project was well received by the users as our solution has exceeded their expectations.  The doctors are able to use our solution with ease and am most pleased with the convenience and sophistication of the entire solution.

Take a Panoramic Tour of the Virtual Operating Room

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