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Meet the Teams

So, Team ESCO is made up of other smaller teams who contribute to the success of Team ESCO. To find out more about the different teams, read on below. 


The Finance team is all about finances. Together, we build reports and provide analytics to your company's health. We manage the finances and ensure that our bills are paid on time and collect funds when it is due. We liaise with banks and financial institutions to ensure that we have viable options available to us and in meeting our corporate growth and plans. 

Unlike typical number-crunchers, we love interactions and little banters with our fellow teammates on anything relating to finances.
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Fun Fact:

We deal with numbers all day, every day, but we can't survive without a calculator.


The Support team is responsible for sourcing, purchasing and negotiation. We are the shoppers of Team ESCO and the ones who source for the best buys at the best prices with the best support. We are also responsible for updating sales and Project Managers on shipments and the estimated delivery dates of our purchases. We track every cost incurred in the purchasing, from courier to shipment and customs and anything related to bring our purchases in or to anywhere in the world as required. 

We also have a team focusing on customer support. We understand that even the best systems may have its down time and our job is to help eliminate the stress dealing with these. We work closely with our engineers and our partners to provide solutions and maximize the health of the systems and solutions provided. We enjoy hearing from you and any feedback on our services are most appreciated. 
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Fun Fact:

We are passionate, in and out of work, about price savings without compromising on quality. 


The ESCO Corporate Communications team has the responsibility of telling the ESCO story and spreading the words on what we do as well as the array of offerings we have. We create, design and govern ATL, BTL and TTL marketing collaterals for the ESCO brand. We also revel in organizing events and exhibitions, producing monthly ESCO newsletters and generating promotions and campaigns together with our Sales team and partners. Our creative plates are always full and buzzing with excitement. 

Fun Fact:

Esco and ESCO are vastly different to the Corporate Communications teams.


The Sales team is responsible for selling solutions and increasing our portfolio. We are the risk takers who enjoy pushing our limits. We have excellent people skills and strive to understand what our clients need and translate that into a solution crafted just for them. we are a group of goal chasers driven by closing deals (and of course!). We do attend a fair deal of events - networking, training and product launches. 

Fun Fact

Design & Innovation

The Design team is responsible for the system designs of our proposals and projects. Aside from designing solutions, we recommend and suggest alternatives. We are passionate about new technologies and developments in the market and attend trainings and seminars frequently. We enjoy requesting demos from our partners and doing product reviews. If you discover a new technology in the market and excites, we will be most excited to hear it. 

Often, we deliver ideas and proposals with our Sales team. We attend similar event and interviews as required. We like sharing what we know, and we will be excited to hear yours too. Every member of our team contributes to innovation and dreaming out the next big thing that will matter the most to our clients. 
If you discover a new technology in the market and excites, we will be most excited to hear it. 

Fun Fact:

We have the best seats in office - we are the closest to the pantry


The Engineering team takes pride in delivering solutions to our clients. We pride ourselves for our problem-solving skills and in our technical knowledge and passion to learn. We adopt best practices in our execution, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance. 

We also care about programming and coeds. We are firm believers that a well-written program makes for a beautiful experience.

Our team is full of enthusiasts and doers; if you are one, come meet us. 

Fun Fact:

We have the best seats in office - we are the closest to the pantry

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